Sardinian Desk

Giambrone is an Italian law firm in Sardinia with offices in London, Munich, Tunis, Barcelona and Mallorca and also throughout Italy, we are committed to the provision of excellence with regard to our legal advice and client service. Giambrone’s experienced lawyers have the capacity to offer a range of competence and services rarely seen, other than in far larger law firms.  We have developed teams of multi-specialist, multi-lingual and multi-jurisdictional lawyers in recognition of the frequent over-lap of expertise required when addressing legal matters across Europe including complex cross-border issues. For advice or assistance with any legal matter please complete the adjacent form.

Giambrone is the only international law firm in Sardinia and our office in Sassari is headed by Giorgio Bianco whose expertise encompasses private client, wealth management, family law, corporate and commercial work and international cross-border matters, including banking and financial law, public and private law, debt recovery including disputed matters, inheritance and trust, immigration law, administrative and tax law.  

Giorgio, together with his team of English speaking lawyers in Sardinia, can provide legal assistance to both Italian clients and those from other EU countries including Spain, UK and France wishing to set up businesses, buy property, dispute resolution, deal with inheritance and trust matters.  Our lawyers also have the capacity to deal with immigration matters.  

Giambrone’s Sardinian office is strategically placed to support and offer legal services to our clients from all around the Mediterranean Sea and we frequently work in association with our other offices in Barcelona, Mallorca, Tunis, Palermo, Rome, Milan, London and Munich.

Real Estate

Many clients are attracted to Sardinia by its white sands and crystal clear waters; the Emerald Coast in particular with its luxury yachts, villas and beach clubs.  The relaxing pace of life and the culture lead many people, worldwide, to choose to buy a house in Sardinia and real estate is one of the most active sectors on the island.  Our English speaking lawyers based in the Sassari office have extensive experience in the real estate sector and can provide services for the entire range of properties available across the island, from properties suited to clients with smaller budgets to those classified as luxury estates.

IHT & Probate

We also have wide-ranging capacity when dealing with complex probate, cross-border matters in particular.  Our lawyers in Sardinia can assist benefactors who live abroad in facilitating the releasing of the assets in their deceased relative’s estate. 

Giambrone can also assist property owners to shelter their Sardinian assets in a variety of ways by means of trusts and other strategies.

Commercial Investors

The team in the Sardinian office, as the only international law firm in Sardinia, can provide support and advice for organisations and individuals from a number of EU countries who wish to take advantage of the considerable commercial projects available in Sardinia.  There is a wealth of opportunity available in Sardinia, from investing in the thriving luxury hospitality industry in Sardinia which services the high net worth sector to the purchase of a property under the renovation scheme whereby a property can be bought for €1 on the provision that the purchaser renovates the property.

Personal Injury

There can be few things more upsetting than having an accident or suffering a serious illness whilst on holiday.  Being injured or ill in a foreign country where you may not speak the language is a distressing experience and made far worse if the accident or illness occurred due to a third party’s negligence.  Such a regrettable event is thankfully rare but that does not mean it never happens.  Weak balcony safety, unsafe lifts, damaged pathways that have not been maintained, unlit hazardous areas, slipping on wet tiles around the pool, not to mention food poisoning (genuine) and traffic accidents when on an excursion.  These are amongst the most common risks holiday-makers encounter. 

People who find themselves in the position of having suffered a truly unpleasant or even a catastrophic life-changing experience can be daunted by the prospect of starting litigation in a foreign country.  Our English speaking personal injury lawyers can assist in negotiating your settlement whilst fully understanding the implications, risks and consequences of accepting out-of-court offers; reliving the casualty of the exhausting challenge of embarking on court action in a foreign jurisdiction.  Our Sardinian lawyers will assist and support you through the process from the start to the final conclusion.

If you wish to make an enquiry, or simply get in touch with one of our lawyers in the Sardinian desk, do not hesitate to contact or telephone +39 079 9220012.