Valerio D'Amico

Valerio D'Amico

Trainee Lawyer

Valerio D’Amico is a Trainee Lawyer at the Palermo office.

Valerio currently practices in Litigation and dispute resolution and immigration departments.

Valerio graduated in law at the University of Palermo in 2016 and was a visiting foreign student at the University  of Vilnius, Lithuania in 2014 where he followed the courses of International Law, Human Rights and International Competition Law.

In 2015 he also studied European Union Law ,as visiting foreign student, in  Aristotle University (Thessaloniki ,Greece),  in the Department of Public law of Vassilios Skouris , that has been the President of the European Court of Justice until October 2015.

Outside of work, Valerio loves sports, running in particular . He loves travelling and discovering new cultures. He also collaborates with organisations for the protection of Human and Civil Rights and the environment.

Valerio is fluent in Italian and English.