Giambrone assists clients against Iron FX

Further to numerous reports from clients, Giambrone is providing legal assistance for those who have invested in Iron FX.

IronFX Global Ltd. (Iron FX is a Forex trading platform created by the same company), securities investment company based in Cyprus, was founded in 2010 by CEO Markos A. Kashiouris and it used to operate through the CySEC license (Cypriot regulatory company).

Up until 2014 the company was very successful, it attracted substantial flows of investment both in Europe and Asia, reaching a total of approximately 440,000 accounts. However, despite the Cypriot regulation through which the company was operating (in most cases, a guarantee to the investors), from the beginning, Iron FX put in place fraudulent activities, taking advantage from the lack of investors’ expertise. As a matter of fact, investors would have not been able to withdraw any funds invested with the company.

After several chasings to all the parties involved, the Forex department at Giambrone was able to contact the law firm that took the company's defenses, Andreas Neocleous & Co LLC (the largest law firm in Cyprus). Soon they will ask Giambrone to submit a specific claim for each client assisted by us against Iron FX.

Gabriele Giambrone, founder and Managing Partner of the firm has said: "Our proximity to the CySEC and the contacts established with Andreas Neocleous & Co LLC will allow us to define the best strategy to recover the lost investments and speed up negotiations with the parties involved"

Giambrone is one of the most qualified law firms in Italy and represents, hundreds of victims from financial scams, especially in the field of Forex, binary options and multi-level marketing.

Thanks to a specialised team of more than 15 experts located in Milan, Rome, Palermo, London, Monaco, Germany and Barcelona, ​​our law firm has already achieved several successes including the recovery of more than $ 1,500,000 against the American company TIRN and the recent claim of more than 1,850 investors from different nationalities in the proceedings before the Court of Massachusetts against the Telexfree group.

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