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Dispute Resolution Advice

At Giambrone & Partners, we explore the best options when resolving disputes, the process and documentation required, and the importance of instructing a litigation law firm that represents international clients in all types of civil disputes.


Gaining Citizenship Advice

In these expert guides, we discuss gaining citizenship in countries including Italy and Spain, which involve gathering the correct documentation, and filing an application. Read more about the gaining citizenship process, and how cross-border lawyers can assist.


Commercial Litigation Advice

In many situations a dispute may occur, both for business owners and their employees. In these guides, we explore the most common work disputes that require litigation, & the importance of multijurisdictional lawyers who can advise for the best outcome.


Inheritance & Probate

In our Probate guides, we explore the various issues that may come up when dealing with family matters, such as division of the estate after someone passes away, in different countries. Read more about what happens during this period.


Forex Trading Scam Litigation

Our financial fraud team have extensive experience in recovering lost funds and developing bespoke strategies to respond to the latest techniques. Our insights explore the different types of frauds, and why you should consider instructing expert lawyers.


Debt collection

In our debt collection hubs, we explore further debt collection, what this means, and how it differs from country to country. Get the latest insights and knowledge into how to protect your business from cross-border debt, and the solutions available.


Family Law

If you decide to divorce overseas, such as in Portugal, Spain, and Italy, you may find there are differing family laws. In our expert family law hubs, we uncover the most important elements to consider when it comes to cross-border divorce.


Real Estate

Giambrone & Partners explore buying and selling real estate in various countries to ensure our clientele have comprehensive knowledge in this field. In our real estate hubs, discover the importance of working with international lawyers.


Setting up a business abroad

For British nationals, there are various benefits of company formation in a foreign country, or opening an international branch of an existing company. Our expert hub uncovers all you need to know for setting up a business abroad.


Personal injury

In our personal injury hub, we provide insights into having an accident abroad and what to expect when claiming compensation. If you require more information on the documents required, the legal costs, and what to look for in a personal injury lawyer.


Current Trends Research

Get insights into the latest trends that address some of the most popular concerns in modern society. We use original research to uncover what British nationals think about certain issues, and use statistics to further our knowledge.


Retiring Abroad

Countries, such as Italy, have different laws when it comes to retiring abroad. In these guides, we explore why many decide to move to different countries after retiring, the benefits of this and knowing your options.

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