Expert Legal Opinions on German law

At Giambrone & Partners our lawyers work with clients from all over the world and in a diverse range of legal areas.

As a matter of course we are regularly asked to provide legal opinions in a variety of cases. A professional legal opinion from an experienced lawyer is sought after in many cases concerning matters of a cross-border relevance. Transactions which have a German link even if they are not necessarily taking place in Germany. Legal opinions by German lawyers are often sought for in financial transactions and may be a requirement for certain documents.

At our firm we have specialised lawyers in many fields. Not only do we have certified employment law and family law specialists on staff, we also have specialists in the field of immigration law, corporate law, business immigration and criminal law among other areas. Specialisation in these fields involves not only practical experience of case work and representing our clients in court, but also keeping up to date with developments in the legal area through further study, conferences and training. Therefore, you can be assured that the legal opinion received is one that has been provided by experts in their legal field!

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What form does a Legal Opinion take?

The legal opinion is a written document provided by a qualified lawyer. This opinion outlines the lawyer’s legal view on the matter brought to their attention. Such a matter may be of vital importance to the success of the transaction. The legal opinion may concern whether the documentation in question is valid, whether contractual obligations would be enforceable across borders and whether German law will interfere with how a project is carried out. Essentially, the use of a legal opinion is to provide peace-of-mind that the legal difficulties won’t be in the way of the matter’s resolution.

The legal opinion takes a written form in order that it can be shown to your partners. Once this written legal opinion has been provided the partners can proceed in confidence that they have legal clarity. These legal opinions may in turn save the parties a lot of money over the long term. Finding out at a later date that contractual clauses are not valid, can be a costly affair. Making sure that you have an experienced German lawyer on your side can be the difference between success and failure.

If you have any further questions concerning the legal opinion provided, our lawyers can be reached by contacting them directly.


The Content of the Legal Opinion

Generally, the legal opinion will provide instruction as to what the law in a certain field is. They may provide examples of court decisions and experience they have had in the area. Therefore, the legal opinion will generally not concern future guidance but an outline and analysis of the legal area as it stands today. Having the lawyer available as legal counsel will ensure you receive the applicable advice for future matters.

This legal opinion will be carefully analysed and checked by the law firm. Internal reviews of the legal opinions we provide is a key component of ensuring their credibility and reliability. These conditions in turn reflect the nature of our law firm and outline the pride we take in our work. At Giambrone & Partners, you can be assured that should you seek an official legal opinion that you are working with specialists with a thorough understanding of their legal field. If you have any questions about the content of the legal opinion received by our professionals, we will of course discuss the issues raised with you for further clarification.

Issues Requiring a Legal Opinion by German Lawyers

The need for a legal opinion can arise in many different cases. It may be sought for a concrete issue concerning specific events or clauses, or for more abstract legal issues.  Both concrete and abstract queries can receive clarity through the issuing of a legal opinion. They are particularly of use when your legal partner is unsure about how to continue with a transaction. Business rewards risk-taking but recklessness is not to be encouraged. In order to avoid such recklessness, contacting and working with a reliable legal partner is crucial.

Examples of issues which have required a legal opinion from our lawyers include the following:

●    contractual clauses,
●    correct implementation of regulations,
●    determining property ownership,
●    analysis of contractual documentation,
●    determining the applicability of practices and documents under German law,
●    review of terms and conditions,
●    the incorporation of a company under German law,
●    proposed mergers in Germany.

As business has become more global, and the interaction between different legal jurisdictions has become more common place, the need to use legal opinions has increased. The above listed are only some of the matters to which we have provided our services and assistance. As we provide our legal opinions in German and in English, we are regularly sought after by clients  when they need the legal opinion of German lawyers. If you find yourself in a similar situation, then please make sure to contact us directly!

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