Italian Desk

Our Italian Desk offers legal services to companies and individuals doing business in Italy as well as those seeking to do business in the UK.

Our specialised Anglo Italian team has been providing legal support and advice to both commercial and private clients since 2005, when the Italian law desk was created in London to offer Italian advice to US and English clients investing in Italy.

With offices in Milan, Rome, Sicily (Palermo) and Sardinia our team of Italian speaking lawyers and legal consultants offers a wide range of legal services to foreign investors and international companies operating throughout Italy with customised pragmatic solutions supporting our clients setting up their business in Italy and in their ordinary and extraordinary operations.

We provide a comprehensive service in relation to all types of business structures including formation and registration, companay secretarial services as well as assistance with tax, VAT, intellectual property protection, employment issues and a variety of other crucial aspects to running a business. We have a raft of other professional service providers who can offer assistance in areas such as planning applications, appealing rateable vaules, landlord and tenant issues and much more.

Our lawyers are specialists in the areas of advising foreign clients with property investment or transactions in Italy, setting up business structures, dealing with contentious probate, employment issues, commercial litigation and debt collection, personal injury and car/road accidents.

We also have substantial experience working on high profile cases within Italy and we are currently representing a number of Italian local authorities on derivative/financial instruments litigation. The Italian Desk advises medium to large size companies, multinational corporations, investors and Italian Public Authorities.

We can assist our clients interested in investing in the US and vice versa. In addition we operate as a point of contact for American and Canadian companies conducting business in Italy and we provide global legal experience with local knowledge in Italy thereby offering a deep understanding of Italian business and industry sectors through experience acquired on the ground. 

Lawyers in our Italian Desk are active members of various associations with an Italian connection such as Business Club Italia, British Italian Law Association, Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the UK, British Chamber of Commerce for Italy, American Chamber of Commerce in Italy, the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce in New York and the Italian Chambers of Commerce in Sydney and Melbourne to name a few. 

If you are considering to invest in Italy or require more information in respect of our Italian law practice, please contact Alessandro Gravante, Italian Litigation Partner