Giambrone and Partners immigration team successfully fast tracks visas under the Ukraine Family Visa Scheme in just over a week

We are delighted to announce that Giambrone’s expert Ukrainian and Russian speaking lawyers in our immigration teams have been successful in obtaining Ukraine Family Visa Scheme visas in a little over a week for our displaced Ukrainian clients, enabling them to reach the safety of the United Kingdom and join their relatives.

Nicola Bodano, in the immigration team in the UK, commented “the desperate situation in Ukraine requires the most urgent attention.  We are keenly aware of the imperative for Ukrainian citizens to relocate as swiftly as possible and will vigorously pursue all applications to ensure all our clients will reach a safe haven in the UK as soon as possible.”

Our immigration lawyers, working closely with the appropriate government departments, are able to accelerate the visa applications by leveraging their many years' experience with dealing with complex immigration procedures and ensuring that the accompanying statements and all the documentation to support an application is valid and the application will not fail due to error or omission.

Sergio Filonenko Kibu stated “the urgency that many of my fellow countrymen have left Ukraine means that a number of them may not have absolutely all their documents, particularly as their documents may have been destroyed in the onslaught.  We will still be able to assist individuals and make an application under the Ukraine Family Visa Scheme even in these circumstances.”

Giambrone can assist Ukrainian nationals to acquire visas for Italy, Portugal, or Spain please contact Helena Balster on  and for the UK Sam Groom as soon as possible. Or please click here