Elia Lo Piccolo

Elia Lo Piccolo

Trainee Lawyer

Elia graduated magna cum laude in International Relations from the University of Milan (La Statale), winning the Italy-US Foundation's "America Giovani" award for outstanding recent graduates, thus obtaining a scholarship for a master's degree in "International Relations for Made in Italy."

During his academic career, he did an Erasmus semester in German at "Europäische Universität Viadrina" and another Erasmus semester and thesis research in Tromsø, Arctic Circle, Norway. He subsequently completed a professional master's degree in legal translation and enrolled in the master's degree course in "Comparative and European Law" at the Faculty of Law, University of Rome (La Sapienza).

Elia demonstrates deep expertise in the field of research and is distinguished by his multidisciplinary and multilingual approach. Friendly, diplomatic and sunny by nature, he is always customer-oriented. His distinguishing characteristic lies mainly in his ability to adapt and integrate. In addition to his native Italian language, Elia has achieved a professional level in English, German, Spanish and French.

In addition, he has studied Norwegian and Finnish. He is currently devoting himself to the study of Arabic. Before traveling the world, he was a semi-professional musician and competitive athlete. To this day in his spare time he stays active, travels and plays music.