Francesco Zingales

Francesco Zingales

Digital Marketing Executive

Francesco is a Digital Marketing Executive at the London Office.

Francesco is part of the marketing teams and is responsible for orchestrating the digital side of the marketing department, with a particular focus on Paid Media (Adwords and Social Media).  He liaises with all the departments of the firm, including finance and client services departments, to gain an understanding of the business objectives and devise strategies to reflect the strengths of the firm and enable our clients and potential clients to have a clear picture of the firm.

Francesco graduated in Interpreting and Translation in 2011 at the University of Palermo. In 2012 he obtained a Master of Arts in Interpreting at London Metropolitan University. In 2014 he graduated in Modern Languages and Translation for International Cooperation at the University of Palermo.

Prior to joining Giambrone, Francesco worked for an international market research firm.

Outside of work, Francesco is an avid reader, a sports fanatic and an amateur musician.

Francesco is proficient in Italian, English, German, French and Spanish