Hélène Massin-Trachez

Hélène Massin-Trachez


Hélène Massin-Trachez is a lawyer at the Lyon Bar (France).

Hélène obtained a Master’s degree in Law from the Institute of Comparative Law of the University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas in 2000 during which she did a research stay at the Faculty of Law of Vienna (Austria).

After having worked for nearly ten years in the field of international solidarity within humanitarian and development NGOs at French headquarters and in various countries (Thailand, Maldives, Yemen, Pakistan, Chad, Cameroon, Senegal, Haiti, DR Congo, Central African Republic) she graduated in 2016 a Master’s degree in Criminal Law and criminal policies in Europe from the University of Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne.

During her university course, Hélène always chose the comparative law approach.

Before joining Giambrone in 2022, she practiced at the Paris Bar within the DURRIEU-DIEBOLD firm specialised in violence against women, then at the Nancy Bar with SELAS DEVARENNE ASSOCIES GRAND EST with a focus on rural and agricultural law.

Her main areas of expertise are criminal law, in particular international criminal law, immigration law, public and administrative laws, associations law, environmental law, condominium law and inheritance law.

She has also acquired experience in Congolese and Germanic laws.

Hélène is a member of the Alliance of Lawyers for Human Rights (AADH).