Liliya Kharytonova

Education: Degree in Law at University of Barcelona (Barcelona), Juris Doctor at University of Puerto Rico (San Juan, Puerto Rico), Master’s Degree in International Advocacy at ISDE (Barcelona).

Admission: Spain (Abogado) (2010)

Year Joined: 2022

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, Spanish, English, Catalan,

and intermediate French.

Liliya Kharytonova


Liliya Kharytonova is a lawyer at the Barcelona Office.

She is an Abogado (Spanish lawyer). Prior to joining Giambrone she worked in London, Barcelona, and Hamburg where she worked for highly reputable law firms where she gained experience in immigration, corporate and litigation areas of law.

Liliya’s international background and her knowledge of several foreign languages help her to understand better the clients’ needs when relocating to Spain. Being familiar with immigration law in Spain and in England and Wales provides her with vast experience in both jurisdictions. Her willingness to go the extra mile for every case handed to her makes her to provide the clients with the invaluable support in their step-by-step relocation needs. She is attentive to detail and always makes her best endeavours to assure that the clients’ cases go smoothly.


Liliya primarily advises in immigration matters especially in Spanish Golden visas, non-lucrative visas, and applications for Spanish nationality.

She also specializes in corporate matters, such as, companies’ setup, capital increase and decrease, winding up of the companies, etc.

Liliya also advises in litigation matters, having acquired experience in debt recovery, construction matters, breach of contracts and divorce proceedings.