Marco Bernardini

Marco Bernardini

Resident Partner

Marco Bernardini is the Resident Partner at the Rome Office.

Marco Bernardini has expertise in the areas of civil, administrative, consumer, sports and litigation law. He has advised the Italian government, multinational companies, municipalities in aspects relating to the structuring and management of disputes, contracts and has provided civil and administrative legal opinions.

Marco's recent experience includes advising:

• Italian municipalities and local health authorities in respect of the creation and organisation of legal and litigation management offices and the distribution of tasks with a focus on cost containment and the evaluation of results achieved;

• a consortium on the structuring of a research centre of traditional and alternative medicine, including advice on the operating environments of participants, public and private funding as well as relations among its members and suppliers;

• on the establishment of a consortium between municipal bodies for the exercise of tourist activities and promotion of the territory. This activity had a special effort as the regulation of relations between the consortium, public entities and private entrepreneurs for the common goal;

• on the setting up industrial consortium. The activities included the assistance to the constitution, the regulation of relations between the consortium members , the relationship between the industrial consortium and the administration, also for the construction of infrastructure and construction of buildings and commercial premises; and

• a telephone company in the management of the disputed assets and liabilities . This activity was particularly intended for the resolution of disputes in the field of consumer law; and

• sportswear companies in respect of disputes with overseas producers. Also advising in respect of monitoring tools and staff training to prevent potential litigation by consumers; and

• a leading law firm in respect of construction of a quality management control system of and the development with the application of technical legislation.