Maria Cristina Sandrin

Education: Degree in Law at University of Verona

Year Joined: 2017

Languages: Italian, Spanish and English

Maria Cristina Sandrin

Of Counsel

Avv. Maria Cristina graduated from the Verona Law School, subsequently obtaining an LLM in Italian Insolvency Law.

Avv. Maria Cristina travels frequently between Verona (Italy) and London and she has joined Giambrone in 2017 to provide corporate and commercial advice to clients in the wealthy North-Eastern part of Italy.

Thanks to her professional experience as Italian solicitor in Verona, she is able to respond effectively, constructively and incisively in the interests of clients no matter what degree of novelty or complexity may be involved, providing a wide range of legal services in the corporate and commercial sectors.

Avv. Maria Cristina has significant expertise in corporate and commercial matters particularly in insolvency procedures and in providing solutions for distressed businesses by way of debt restructuring and other methods to re-establish business continuity and put the business on a firm footing.

As an Italian lawyer in Verona, she has wide experience with mergers and acquisitions, share purchase agreements and trade agreements. Additionally, she provides assistance relating to the customising of Business Intelligence tools for business management.

She has recently been appointed as Lead Counsel to represent an Italian victim in the Grenfell Tower disaster [follow Avv. Maria Cristina's live interviews on Italian News in relation to the Grenfell Tower Disaster]

Avv. Maria Cristina is also a Professor in International Trade Law in EU funded courses and a well respected politician, having founded the “Donne Per L’Italia” Political Party in 2009.

Giambrone’s Italian Desk in Verona pools the experience and knowledge of practitioners working in a range of legal specialties and at various offices to serve the interests of English and Spanish speaking clients in Italy and Italian clients internationally, also offering a quality service in Italian, English and Spanish.

If you need legal advice or assistance from an experienced Italian lawyer in Verona / in the North-East Italy, Avv. Maria Cristina Sandrin can be contacted by email (



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