Vincenzo Marzullo

Vincenzo Marzullo

Head of Tax

Vincenzo is a Partner and Head of Tax & Advisory Services at the Palermo Office. 

Vincenzo directs and oversees Giambrone's domestic and international tax policies and objectives, monitoring reporting and planning to grant compliance with applicable tax statutes, thus ensuring the accuracy of tax returns. He is also responsible for the supervision and management of the Italian offices and the management planning and control.

Vincenzo also assists Giambrone's private and corporate clients with all matters relating to Tax.

Additionally, Vincenzo advises the Court of Palermo in relation to Administrative, Judicial, Management planning and control issues. Finally, he is a professor at UET (European University for Tourism) in Palermo. 

Prior to joining Giambrone, Vincenzo was the Administrative Director of a Holiday resort in Sicily. 

Vincenzo graduated with an MBA Masters in Business Administration at the Turin School of Business and Administration. He also has an MBA specialisation from Hochschule Reutlingen European School of Business, and prior to this, received a Masters in Accommodation Facilities Management and a Masters in Judicial Administration Management and a Master in International Business & International Finance at 24ore Business School.

Vincenzo is bilingual in Italian and English.