Road Traffic Accidents in Italy

Have you suffered a road traffic accident in Italy over the last three years through no fault of your own? 

The lawyers at Giambrone believe that there should be accountability for carelessness or recklessness on the roads which leads to a crash.  Our personal injury lawyers are extremely experienced in the realm of road traffic accidents and have had considerable success in obtaining road accident compensation for our clients.   

Do you know what’s covered? 

Road Traffic Accidents in Italy apply to accidents involving cars, car drivers, passengers, cyclists, pedestrians, coaches, motorbike riders, motor scooter riders and accidents involving animals.  All individuals who suffer injuries can file this type of claim for damages in respect of their injuries.

The information you will have to provide

  • Detailed notes about the accident circumstances.
  • If possible, photographs of the accident scene – including the positions of any other vehicles involved and their number plates.
  • The names, addresses and vehicle and insurance details of the other driver and of as many witnesses as possible.
  • A ‘Constat Amiable’ or European Accident Statement,
  • Any documents the police have given you
  • Details of any insurances including your home insurance which may have legal expense insurance

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