A leading law firm with a global presence

Founded in 2004 with the opening of offices in London, opposite the High Courts of Justice, and Italy, Giambrone has since expanded its operations globally by establishing a presence in other important commercial and cultural centres around Europe (Berlin, Barcelona and Italy), in New York and Tunisia, North Africa.   

Giambrone boasts a sizeable presence in Italy with 3 offices located in Rome, Milan, and Palermo, the only international law firm in the city. In May 2014, we relocated to prestigious offices opposite the steps of the beautiful St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. Our Munich and New York offices are also situated in prime locations, conveniently accessible to our clients.

Opening for business in January 2015, Giambrone Barcelona is the newest addition to the Giambrone group with offices strategically positioned next to the Italian Chambers of Commerce.

Key milestones

  • 2004 – opened in London and Palermo
  • 2008 – opened in Rome and New York
  • 2009 – opened in Tunis
  • 2012 – opened in Milan
  • 2014 -  opened in Berlin
  • 2014 -  relocated London office
  • 2015 – relocated Milan office
  • 2015 – opened in Barcelona
  • 2016 - opened in Munich

Ambitious from its inception, Giambrone’s international expansion continues with exciting plans to enter into the Middle East and South East Asian market by Q2 of 2015.