About us

Giambrone & Partners is an international law firm with legal capacity in a wide range of jurisdictions and over 15 years of experience in providing international legal advice, to both our corporate and private clients.
The firm was founded in 2005 by Gabriele Giambrone with the opening of two offices, one in Palermo, Sicily and one in Greater London. Gabriele’s vision, from the onset, was to provide both private clients and commercial clients with exceptional client-focused legal advice across a range of jurisdictions with a focus on cross-border contentious and non-contentious matters, delivered in their own language. 
Within 18 months, following a resolute determination to build the firm’s capacity, saw the London headquarters expand and relocate to offices directly opposite the Royal Courts of Justice. Similarly, new offices were opened in Rome and Milan in Italy, swiftly followed by an office in Turin. Over the next five years Giambrone gained, not only additional offices in Italy but also opened offices in Spain and Tunisia. 
Our expansion programme is ongoing and the present day sees the firm with six offices in Italy, three offices in Spain, three offices in the United Kingdom, an office in Tunisia, an office in France, an office in Sao Paolo and an office in Portugal. Our lawyers speak an extensive variety of languages, enabling them to advise our clients in their own language providing clarity and avoiding misunderstandings. 
Giambrone & Partners continues to focus on building teams with the expertise to address our clients’ worldwide requirements, enabling our astute, well-regarded cross-border lawyers to provide our clients with exceptional legal advice and bring a commercial advantage to achieve their objectives. The commercial insight and progressive thinking the lawyers at Giambrone & Partners bring when assisting our clients to maximise their opportunities and defeat their challenges is second to none. We always strive to exceed the expectations of our clients.
Giambrone & Partners addresses the unique factors that impact on cross-border matters and to further assist our clients in navigating the international legal landscape, our lawyers are encouraged to acquire legal capacity in additional jurisdictions as well as the ability to appear before higher courts, as part of a continuous programme of investment to enhance our legal expertise by expanding the firm’s jurisdictional capacity to address our clients’ high-stakes and often complex legal issues. 
We can, when required, draw together cross-jurisdictional teams of lawyers from our European offices in Italy, Spain, Portugal, France and non-European offices in Tunisia and the United Kingdom, enabling the lawyers to orchestrate and coordinate complex cross-border proceedings in multiple jurisdictions. All of which assists the firm’s commitment to excellence by delivering, perceptive legal expertise our clients in their own language and removing the potential for the misunderstandings that can arise when separate law firms in different countries are instructed.
Our clients value the firm’s extensive legal capacity and international scope, together with our local cultural knowledge and insight, all found under one roof. We are immensely proud of Giambrone & Partners’ progress and aim to continue to maintain the firm’s initial vision in the future.