Debt Collection Services

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Giambrone offers a full range of debt collection services for Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and French individuals and commercial organisations across the globe with the recovery of all types of debts.

We fully realise that managing debt is a critical part of maintaining the stability of most businesses. Our recovery rate is high and in most cases, we make every effort to negotiate a settlement without judicial intervention to limit the attendant legal costs. If litigation is unavoidable our robust litigation lawyers will act with vigour to ensure that our clients achieve settlement of their outstanding invoices.

Our debt collection services include:

  • Company searches
  • Confirmation of company trading address
  • Credit scoring
  • Issue of proceedings
  • Telephone collection
  • Letters before action
  • Personal visits
  • Enforcement
  • Bankruptcy & winding up service

The standard protocol for Italian or international debt collection involves:

1. Letter before action

If we make a recovery of the debt without legal proceedings we charge a fee based on a percentage of the debt.

2. Tracing agents

If the address of the debtor is unknown we can instruct a tracing agent.

3. Issuing proceedings

If a defence is filed in court Giambrone’s experienced lawyers will litigate on your behalf.

4. Enforcement

If the debtor fails to settle the debt following court proceedings, there are a variety of options available. We can enforce action by instructing bailiffs, charging orders, third party debt orders and attachment of earnings.

In every case, we will examine the facts of the matter and give you pragmatic advice as to the best way to achieve recovery.

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