Crypto Litigation

Giambrone & Partners’ highly experienced banking and financial fraud lawyers recognise the explosive combination of the highly volatile unregulated crypto market and the widespread presence of social media platforms has escalated crypto financial fraud.

Giambrone & Partners’ banking and financial fraud litigation lawyers note that romance fraud is being perpetrated through dating sites, described as “the engineering of a supposed friendship or relationship for fraudulent, financial gain”. 

The lack of regulatory oversight or accountability makes attempts to recover the victims lost funds extremely difficult. The anonymity surrounding crypto adds exponentially to the challenge of tracking down the fraudsters, which is the first step in the long process to recovering the victims’ funds.

Our banking and financial fraud litigation lawyers have developed a number of successful strategies employing a range of legal techniques through the courts to trace and freeze the fraudsters’ assets and restore our clients’ money. Our lawyers achieved a ground-breaking judgment, the first in Europe, D’Aloia v. (1) Persons Unknown (2) Binance Holdings Limited & Others that granted permission to serve notice of proceedings on persons or persons unknown in connection with two digital wallets over blockchain by a non-fungible token (NFT). The case also led to the exchanges being regarded as constructive trustees. The use of NFT through blockchain for the service of legal documentation informing the recipient that they face a legal issue will undoubtedly increase.

Other tactics focus on the organisations, whilst they are not party to the frauds but enable the frauds by inadequately monitoring transactions. 

Our experienced lawyers in the banking and financial fraud litigation team adopt a robust approach that involves a meticulous approach to gathering supporting evidence and a concerted effort to fight to regain our clients' funds lost to cryptocurrency scams. 

Our lawyers have taken a tough stance to regain our clients’ lost money and will continue to develop further ways of compelling fraudsters to reimburse their victims. We are fully aware that there is a need to be constantly vigilant to match the agility of the fraudsters as they too vary their frauds.

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