Forex Trading Scam Litigation

Giambrone has a dedicated team of specialist foreign exchange (Forex) litigation lawyers specialising in assisting clients across the globe to regain their money lost in fraudulent investment scams. Our lawyers have considerable expertise in developing and managing Forex litigation claims against the various sham brokers that are involved in executing Forex scams or have close associations with the frauds. Our lawyers have enjoyed considerable success in recovering lost funds for our clients.

Despite the action taken by financial regulators, it is a regrettable fact that Forex scams are increasing and that every day innocent investors are being defrauded and duped into parting with their hard-earned money by unscrupulous fraudsters. They are frequently based in far-flung off-shore jurisdictions with little or no regulatory protection and are skilled at hiding their assets. 

Giambrone’s robust financial and banking litigation lawyers frequently undertake litigation against banks, financial institutions as well as fraudulent Forex brokers. Our multi-jurisdictional expertise is enhanced by the fact we are rarely hampered by conflict of interest that prevents other international and European law firms from acting.

It is well known that fraudsters are extremely agile and conceal both themselves and their assets; tracking the lost funds can take a considerable amount of time. Giambrone’s Forex litigation lawyers’ approach is to examine each case from every angle to identify any other routes to recovering the lost funds. Our lawyers will investigate every avenue and fight vigorously on behalf of our clients to ensure everything possible is done to restore their money and apprehend the fraudsters.

Our Forex litigation team can assist in English, Italian, Spanish, Arabic and French.

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