Lawyers in Morocco

Casablanca is the economic hub of Morocco and one of the leading financial centres in Africa, attracting local and international businesses, following the economic reforms intended to attract foreign investment. 

Our office in Casablanca provides access to a thriving market, it’s geographic location connects Europe, Africa and the Middle East and acts as a gateway to wider markets. Morocco has signed numerous trade agreements and is a member of the Arab League, the African Union, and the Greater Arab Free Trade Area. 

Our highly experienced lawyers can assist businesses aiming to tap into the growing investment opportunities in the region, as well as existing companies based in Morocco.  

Giambrone & Partners is able to provide comprehensive legal services to clients advising on mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, foreign direct investment, employment law, cross-border dispute resolution and arbitration. 

Our well-regarded lawyers can also advise individuals on family law inheritance and succession. We can provide legal support as well as cultural understanding to ensure a successful long-term growth in the region.