The Family Law Team

Giambrone is one of Italy’s leading specialist family law firms and widely recognised as a leading matrimonial firm in Italy, helping you find the right Italian divorce lawyer tailored to your requirements.

The firm welcomes clients of different nationalities from around the world and our English and Italian speaking lawyers can assist clients involved in complex cross-border divorce cases. Our Italian lawyers act for international clients across Europe and internationally who are embarking on divorce or separation in Italy.

Custodial Parental Rights & New Family Structures

The firm advises on all areas of family and children’s law, including custodial parental rights and the creation of alternative family structures. The firm has a specialist children department with specific expertise in all aspects of international children’s law.

Matrimonial and Divorce Lawyers

We understand that going through a divorce can be an upsetting experience and our Italian lawyers will put you at ease by advising you at every stage of the process. The wealth of expertise our team have in handling cross-border divorce allows us to undertake matters as swiftly as possible, minimising the impact of the stress involved in the process.

Giambrone’s matrimonial team is recognised for its expertise in cross-jurisdictional and international divorce and children cases and has acted in cases involving several different countries across the world.

Our firm offers a comprehensive range of family law services which include divorce and separation, children and financial disputes, civil partnerships (international solutions for Italian residents or rights of foreign gay couples living permanently in Italy) cohabitation issues and associated property disputes. Our Italian divorce lawyers usually deal with cross-border aspects of family law and have experience of international child abduction. We also deal with personal protection and harassment issues which may feature domestic violence.

Our clients include high net worth and high achieving clients many of whom are in the public eye. We are experienced in dealing with high profile clients, their needs and their often commercially or media-sensitive information.

Our Italian divorce lawyers regularly advise in cases involving forum choice and international assets. Under current European legislation, couples who have a connection with a foreign country or foreign couples who have a connection with Italy may have a choice as to the jurisdiction (“forum”) in which they would prefer to divorce .

The consequences of obtaining a divorce in one forum as opposed to another may be very different. Couples who are divorcing need first to assess the forum in which they may be entitled to divorce and, secondly, the forum which would be most favourable, taking into account the comparative financial settlements, costs, timescale and ease of enforcing orders obtained.

Within European Union countries, it is crucial to be the first to issue proceedings in the chosen forum in order to seize the relevant Court so as to prevent the other spouse from issuing in another less favourable EU country.

Our specialist Italian divorce lawyers are regarded as second to none in the field of Italian child abduction, Italian children disputes and forced marriage cases. The firm has specialists who speak English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Russian.

Giambrone’s Family Team includes members of the International Bar Association as well as many international family law organizations and has well-established connections with other international law firms worldwide.

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