A leading law firm with a global presence

Founded in 2004 with the opening of offices in London, opposite the Royal Courts of Justice, and Italy, Giambrone has since expanded its operations globally by establishing a presence in other important commercial and cultural centres around Europe, including BarcelonaGlasgow, Mallorca, Munich, and Tunis; in addition to the Italian offices in Palermo, Rome, Milan and Sardinia.  In May 2014, the firm relocated its UK head office to the prestigious area of St. Paul’s Cathedral Churchyard in London.  

The firm is uniquely positioned to extend assistance under one roof, to our clients with all their international dealings. Our multi-lingual lawyers are able to provide insights into the local business environment together with experience in multiple jurisdictions.

Key milestones

  • 2004 – opened in London and Palermo
  • 2008 – opened in Rome and New York
  • 2009 – opened in Tunis
  • 2012 – opened in Milan
  • 2014 – relocated London office
  • 2016 – opened in Munich
  • 2016 – opened in Sardinia
  • 2017 – relocated Milan office
  • 2017 – opened in Barcelona and Mallorca
  • 2018 - opened in Glasgow 
  • 2018 - following to the joint venture with Randazza Group, Giambrone expands in the US with new offices in California, Florida, Nevada, Connecticut and Massachusetts 

Giambrone has further plans to expand its international footprint in other key global locations during the course of 2018.