Why You?

We recruit people from all legal disciplines, backgrounds and nationalities. Academic and technical excellence are a given, but the international nature of our work means you must speak and write English fluently.

Market or industry knowledge is an advantage because, like our clients, we want people who really know what they’re talking about

Whether you're experienced or newly qualified, you must have an appetite for challenging work, a detailed understanding of the law and the ability to manage complex deals. Excellence is essential. It's a guarantee we give our clients. Intellectually rigorous, driven and eager to learn, you'll set the highest standards for yourself and strive to be the best you can be.

Beyond that, we're looking for people who fit in easily with colleagues and clients and can deliver under pressure. There isn't a 'Giambrone' type' – in fact, the more you enjoy working with a variety of people, the greater your success will be. Diverse perspectives help solve complex problems. On top of that, teams are stronger, client relationships become richer and life is just more interesting. A curious mind is vital, as is plenty of initiative. The more adaptable you're prepared to be and the more energy you bring with you, the more you'll get out of your career at Giambrone. You'll be able to steer a path that turns possibilities into realities.

What are we looking for?

We look for people who understand that law is more than an academic pursuit. It's about understanding the client – their objectives and the challenges they face – as well as the wider commercial environment in which we operate.

We look for people who can build sustainable careers with us; people who successfully juggle a busy life and varying commitments whilst maintaining their well-being.

We look for people who can bring a fresh perspective and energy to everything they do, with the ability to create strong relationships with each other and with clients. We aim to recruit people who are open minded, willing to learn, and committed to contributing to the firm in many different ways.