Criminal Defence Lawyers

Being accused of a crime can be extremely distressing; being accused of a crime abroad can be considerably more upsetting when you are far from home and vulnerable and do not understand the language, or the procedures involved or the implications.  Arrests made abroad may have a harsh impact on your reputation and livelihood, not to mention your liberty.

Giambrone has a team of experienced Italian, Spanish and English cross-border criminal lawyers representing foreign nationals across Europe.  Our on-the-spot offices have English, Spanish, Italian, German and Arabic speaking lawyers who are readily available to offer immediate assistance to individuals who find themselves in difficulties in a foreign country.

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Multi-lingual criminal lawyers in the UK

Giambrone’s team of multi-lingual lawyers have a breadth of experience extending across Europe.  We can help anyone facing a criminal allegation in order to protect their standing and character during the procedure. Your case can be dealt with through our UK offices, avoiding unnecessary travel back and forth to Europe. It’s important to remember that anyone facing criminal charges must be allowed representation from a solicitor before they are interviewed by police or follow other police procedures.

Our criminal defence services

Our expertise and thorough knowledge of European jurisdictions may be able to assist you with regard to the seriousness of the charges or negotiate with the relevant authorities to avoid having to appear in court.  Giambrone’s criminal lawyers can assist you with:

  • Manslaughter
  • Sexual offences
  • Road traffic offences
  • Drugs offences
  • Medical malpractice
  • Immigration offences
  • Affray
  • Robbery and firearms offences
  • Assault charges
  • Corporate crime
  • Money laundering
  • Cross-border investigations
  • Cybercrime
  • Damage to cultural and heritage property
  • Drunk and disorderly

Our expertise in this area is widely recognised, with various news agencies including Sky News, BBC Live and Reuters approaching Giambrone for their views on the Amanda Knox murder trial and subsequent appeals.

Criminal defence in Italy

Our multi-lingual and multi-specialist lawyers represent foreign nationals across Italy in need of advice and representation when they face criminal charges. We recognise the need to support a multi-national community and can offer immediate assistance to non-Italian speakers during these stressful times. In order to get the best possible outcome for your case, it is critical that you know what your rights are and understand all your options. Our team have vast experience at dealing with cross-border cases as well as handling cases that are covered by different sets of national laws.

It is understandable that those facing criminal charges will find the situation stressful and upsetting. This can be exacerbated if the incident occurs away from home in a country where you do not speak the language fluently. Foreigners may not understand the legal system and the implication of the charges on both their reputation as well as their freedom. Our expert lawyers are there to support and assist anyone in this situation and to guide you through the entire legal process. At Giambrone, our specialist Italian lawyers can advise you on the best route for your specific case.

Our multi-national presence with international offices in Italy, Spain, Germany, Tunisia and UK offices in London, Glasgow and Liverpool, makes it possible for your case to be handled without the need for you to remain or continually return to Italy.

Criminal procedure in Italy

The criminal procedure in Italy is inquisitory with the presiding judge who conducts most of the questioning of the witnesses, experts and accused. There is still a prosecutor and defence that will protect the interests of those they are representing.

It is not unusual in Italy for a case to be resolved by negotiation with the relevant authorities to keep the matter out of court. We can use the breadth of our experience to reduce the seriousness of charges brought against clients who are at their most vulnerable in a foreign country.

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Our expert lawyers can advise and represent you throughout your whole case to ensure the best outcome in your circumstances. We know that being involved in a criminal case is always stressful, which is why we work tirelessly to support you and provide a robust defence.

We can assist non-Italian clients and our expert knowledge means we can advise you on the best approach.

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