Japanese Desk

Giambrone & Partners International Law Firm, through a strategic alliance with Meilin International Law Firm, recognised as one of the most reputable international law firms in Japan, with offices in Tokyo, Fukuoka and the principal Asian cities, provides legal assistance to institutions, local and foreign companies and the Italian community in Japan.

The Japanese Desk was born from the synergy with the Italian Embassy in Tokyo, making Giambrone & Partners, thanks to our Senior Partner and Head of Legal Practice, Atty. Vincenzo Senatore, one of the first Italian law firms to be present in Japan, with the aim of providing assistance to the Italian community through the cooperation with Atty. Masatoshi Tanaka, Partner of Meilin International Law Firm.

Meilin International Law Firm, due to the expansion of the multi-practice that has matured over the years, through its Japanese, Chinese, Hong Kong, Singapore and Vietnamese offices, provides legal services to individuals and small and medium-sized companies wishing to promote their business both in ASEAN countries and also in Australia, Europe and the United States.

The collaboration created between the two firms will pursue the objective of providing support and legal assistance in Japan, in the Italian language, to companies that intend to transfer their headquarters or open a branch in Japan, as well as assisting private individuals. This very dynamic market, with an annual value of business exchanges between the two countries, exceed three billion Euros, which makes Japan Italy’s second most important Asian partner, after China.

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