Our International Approach

Our international model is client-focused. Our well-established international offices across Europe and North Africa are able to provide legal advice across a wide range of jurisdictions. We aim to provide our clients with legal advice in their own language.

We are able to meet our clients’ wider needs through our network of law firms which we have developed based in most jurisdictions of the world. These selected law firms arise out of relationships that have been developed over time and are built on long experience of working together. We choose the right local partner-firm for the matter at hand, whilst retaining full responsibility and guaranteeing our clients effortless access to outstanding legal services anywhere in the world.

Our approach is founded on three core principles:

  • Clarity - seeing clients’ challenges in their full context requires a profound understanding of the relevant industry sectors and their markets and jurisdictions. We believe this depth of understanding cannot be replicated, but it can be shared.
  • Agility- we build specific teams according to address the clients' requirements and increase effectiveness by putting the right expertise in the right place at the right time.
  • Consistency - our advice is focused and consistent at all levels and fully aligned across all jurisdictions. This coherence offers our clients continuity, consistency and confidence.