Spanish Desk

When you are abroad, your comfort zone is often limited. Whilst you may be confident to tackle everyday tasks like shopping, eating out and local travel, there are some things that can test your confidence, and dealing with legal issues is definitely one of them.

Language barriers often prove a major challenge, and even if you spend a lot of time in a country in your holiday home or as an ex-pat, dealing with a legal problem will often involve vocabulary that is outside of your understanding. This can prove unnerving, and so reassurance from an understanding source is vital. This is precisely what you will get from Giambrone’s English speaking Spanish Abogado (equivalent to Solicitor).

Giambrone is an award-winning law firm with a network of offices in numerous locations worldwide, including Spain and the UK. We fully understand the concerns you may be experiencing as a native English speaker in Spain, especially when dealing with the complex Spanish legal system.

Overcoming Cultural Differences

As well as the obvious language barrier, there are also cultural differences that impact significantly on how legal matters are dealt with in Spain. The way things are handled in the UK is not necessarily how they are in Spain, and Giambrone’s English speaking Spanish lawyers have a clear understanding of Spanish law and crucially, the day-to-day way of life, which means the advice they provide and the action they take will be wholly relevant.

Whether you are back in the UK and facing a legal issue that arose whilst you were in Spain, or you are still on the Spanish mainland or any of the islands, you will find the bilingual Spanish Abogado (equivalent to Solicitor) at Giambrone readily equipped to provide you with the expert advice you need.

Cross Border Legal Expertise

Our highly regarded teams of English speaking Spanish lawyers offer specialised knowledge in a range of areas of law. These include:

Buying and Selling Property in Spain

Whether you are buying a holiday or investment property in Spain, or looking to sell a property you have inherited, our experts will guide you through the entire process, clearly explaining how everything works and taking a proactive role throughout. Our Spanish Abogado (equivalent to solicitors) are fluent in English and will thoroughly explain the key differences between buying and selling property in the UK and in Spain, together with the common issues that arise.

Making a Spanish Will

If you own property in Spain, it is advisable to make a Spanish will, and our English speaking Spanish lawyers will be able to make the arrangements on your behalf, and accompany you to the Notary for the signing. A Spanish will can make things more straightforward for beneficiaries when your property is inherited and potentially reduce inheritance tax. Tailored advice is essential as situations vary and laws can change, and you will be assured of this from our specialist will making lawyers in Spain and the UK.

Personal Injury

If you have been involved in an accident in Spain, whether on the road or in a public place, Giambrone’s Spanish lawyers specialising in personal injury claims will be able to guide you through the process of pursuing compensation, thanks their understanding of the Spanish injury claims system. You may have had an accident whilst on holiday in Spain, and have found that a regular UK personal injury lawyer is unwilling to take on your case. This is usually because they are not familiar with the legal process particular to Spain, which is quite different to England & Wales.  The assistance that Giambrone’s Spanish lawyers, who can help you if you have suffered an injury through no fault of your own whilst in Spain.

Debt Collection

If you are owed money by a debtor based in Spain, our specialist international debt collection lawyers will be able to assist you in its recovery. With a proven track record of success in settling the majority of cases without court action or a need for judicial intervention, we prefer to guide our clients along this route that seeks to maintain relations with the debtor, is faster and requires less of an investment.

Employment Law

If you are working in Spain and facing difficulties in your job, perhaps because of a dispute with your employer, redundancies are on the cards, or there is some issue affecting your working life, it can seem daunting because whilst you may be aware of your rights under UK employment law, things can be very different in another country, both culturally and legally. We have English speaking Spanish Abogado (equivalent to Solicitor) on our team who can provide you with the guidance you need, as well as specialist expertise in Spanish employment law.

Spanish Probate

Our expert Spanish lawyers have specialised knowledge in Spanish probate law and will make everything clear to you on the differences between this, and the probate law in England & Wales.  Guiding you through the entire process, we will take care of as much as you require on your behalf, keeping you informed at every step.

Whether you are in the UK and faced with dealing with the estate of a relative in Spain, or are based in Spain and daunted by the prospect of handling potentially vast paperwork alone after the passing of a loved one, it is easy to feel somewhat overwhelmed by the task of dealing with the Spanish authorities and tax system. But with guidance from Giambrone’s specialist probate Abogado (equivalent to Solicitor) in Spain, you will have peace of mind from start to finish courtesy of localised, in-depth knowledge and an understanding approach.

Spanish Inheritance Tax

The Spanish inheritance tax system is considered complex, even more so than the system in England & Wales. There are numerous instances when you may require inheritance tax advice from Spanish lawyers. Obviously when you have inherited assets in Spain; but you will also benefit from advice when you are buying and selling property and need a will to safeguard your investment.

The rules on Spanish IHT vary from region to region in Spain, so localised knowledge is vital. The English speaking Spanish Abogado (equivalent to Solicitor) at Giambrone will be able to advise you specifically depending on the appropriate locality, as well as on resident and non-resident payment processes.  The in-depth advice you need can be provided on a bespoke basis.

To speak in English to one of our Spanish Abogado (equivalent to Solicitor) about any of the issues discussed above, please get in touch.