Diversity and Inclusion

By virtue of the fact that Giambrone has offices in a number of countries across Europe and including Tunisia, the firm has an inevitable mix of cultures.  However, Giambrone actively practices inclusion of all sectors believing that a workforce composed of a broad range of nationalities, age groups and sectors will not only deliver additional expertise, knowledge and understanding relevant to the wide range of clients that the firm assists but also enhances its continuing success. Giambrone strongly believes that no individual should be regarded differently due to race, gender, sexuality, disability, age or their beliefs.

Furthermore, the inclusion of employees from a wide age range, different cultures and different sectors in society brings to the firm the ability to better understand, not only the perspective of our clients but also assists the lawyers in analysing the potential for success in the various jurisdictions in which the firm represents clients.

Giambrone has a solid LGBT division which includes individuals from that sector providing a level of empathy for our LGBT clients, particularly when discussing issues that may not be commonly experienced generally in society.

Giambrone extends a considerable range of flexible working to its entire staff in every office.  We extend the opportunity to all lawyers, including the trainee lawyers, of working in our headquarters in London to broaden their experience and encourage personal development, particularly for our younger employees. Also, we recognise that our lawyers returning to work from maternity leave may require to work in a manner that will incorporate the ability to work whilst still being involved with child care where at all possible, especially in the early years. With judicial use of technology this can be achieved enabling the lawyers to continue working and preventing them from being disconnected from the workplace thereby providing a workable solution for all parties. 

Giambrone has also frequently sought to accommodate lawyers who have worked in the London office and then wished to return to their original location in the UK.  Giambrone would always prefer to retain valued employees by finding an acceptable solution.

We aim to ensure that employees, clients, suppliers and visitors are treated equally and with respect at all times.