French Solicitors

Giambrone has opened a French Law Desk to provide both its international clients investing in France, and French clients operating overseas, with direct and effective advice.

Our French desk in the UK provides a wide range of services to support:

  • French organisations who operate and invest in the UK,
  • UK companies seeking to invest or become established in France

Our French Desk is led by Giorgio Bianco who is bilingual and has a vast amount of experience working across cross-border jurisdictions.

French Law Advice

Our team of French-speaking lawyers and legal consultants, we offer a wide range of legal services to foreign investors and international companies operating throughout France with customised solutions for our clients, supporting them in setting up their business in France and in their ordinary and extraordinary operations.

Our lawyers routinely advise foreign clients in property investment and transactions in France, dealing with contentious probate for international clients with assets in France, employment issues, commercial litigation and debt collection, personal injury and car/road accidents.

International legal assistance for French companies

Our aim is to offer a complete service to French businesses located in the United Kingdom, or to those looking to set up or expand in the UK. 

We advise a number of leading French corporations as well as numerous smaller companies including SMEs, partnerships and individuals. In addition to assisting our clients in France, our French legal practice co-ordinates a network of French Desks set up in our offices in Barcelona and North Africa which provide these services to companies and entrepreneurs wishing to invest in France

If you are considering investing in France or require more information in respect of our French law practice, please contact Giorgio Bianco online or directly: