An Italian Elective Residency Visa is another way to achieve Residence in Italy

The current political situation in the UK in that the Brexit Bill has only got to travel through the House of Lords for it to become enshrined in law does, at least, provide a clearer path ahead. Prior to the unexpected appearance of Brexit many people in the UK had planned their retirement in Italy countryside with its the temperate climate, slower pace of life and fabulous cuisine, not mention its culture and the idyllic rustic vistas that stretch out in all directions from the villages perched on hillsides amongst the landscape throughout Italy. Such a retirement aspiration was easily achievable when the UK was an EU Member State without any concerns, Brexit has forced people to find other routes to realise their dreams.

However, it is still possible to relocate to Italy in your retirement years through the alternative route of Elective Residency Visa Scheme which provides another opportunity to achieve residency in Italy. It is important to note that an Elective Residency Viva applies only if you simply would like to live in Italy, as opposed to travel throughout Europe and work in Italy.  An Elective Residency Visa enables you to stay longer than the statutory 90 days currently permitted in Italy. Providing that there is no impediment to an application an Elective Residency Visa is initially granted for one year and can be renewed at the end of that period providing there have been no changes in circumstances. An applicant must, or course, fit the criteria for the Elective Residency Visa; it is a speedier method of gaining the right to live in Italy than that of citizenship. 

The principal requirements are as follows:

  • An applicant does not have to be of Italian heritage nor do they have to speak the language.
  • An applicant must have sufficiently substantial liquid funds to provide their living costs, including potential medical costs or medical insurance.
  • Whilst the precise amount is not defined, the guideline is that applicants should have in excess of at least €31,000 available.
  • Any income cannot be derived from working in Italy.
  •  Income must derive only from investments or a self-sufficient business; a property may be considered.
  • It is preferred if an applicant owns their own property. Although, discretionary consideration may be given to a leasehold property.
  • An elective residency visa does not bestow the right to work in Italy.

There is no obligation on the part of the consular authorities to grant an Elective Residency Visa, this is not a right, regardless of the provenance of the applicant.  However, there is considerable discretion that can be applied by the Italian consular authorities when granting such a visa.

In order to have the best chance of success the expert lawyers at Giambrone can assist you with the steps you will be required to take to apply for an Elective Residency Visa. The application must be made through the Italian Consulate in your home country may take some time to process.  There is a lengthy and comprehensive application form which will need to be completed prior to you making and attending an appointment at the consulate and you will also be required to produce extensive documentation to prove that you are able to fulfil all the terms of an Elective Residency Visa, it is imperative that you ensure that all your documentation is complete and accurate.  Also, your documents may need to be translated.  The translations will have to be verified as valid translations. One of the most important aspects of your application is the fact that you own a property and you have comprehensive medical insurance to meet the requirement of the Elective Residency Visa.  

As with many bureaucratic procedures the accuracy of your documents is absolutely essential. Giambrone’s immigration team will be able to ensure that there are no deficiencies, anomalies or inaccuracies that may prevent your application proceeding.

There is a wide amount of discretion within the Consulate authorities and there is no statutory right to such a visa and it could be that your application could be rejected. However, in those circumstances there is an appeal process and the opportunity to remedy any irregularities that may appear in your documentation.  Obviously it is far better to ensure that everything about your application is absolutely sound and have expert eyes review your application prior to submitting it. Giambrone’s immigration team have the knowledge and expertise to successfully guide you through the procedure.

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