All Foreign Woman who Married an Italian Man before 27 April 1983 gained the right to Italian Citizens

The desire to maintain the ability to live and work and have untroubled access throughout Europe after Brexit has provoked large numbers of people to apply for Italian citizenship. For some women married or previously married to an Italian man and now widowed, the process of obtaining Italian citizenship may be much easier.  Prior to 27 April 1983, all foreign women who married an Italian man were automatically granted Italian citizenship under Italian Law 123.   Although Italian citizenship can no longer be attained simply by marrying an Italian man, the right remains for women who were married before the above-mentioned date. 

If you were married before 27 April 1983 and did not formalise your right to Italian citizenship you can still achieve Italian citizenship without having to go through the longer process that is now in place for dual citizenship through marriage.  The foreign spouse will have to provide supporting documentation proving their own identity and the fact that they were married to an Italian man before the date, all documents will have to be translated into Italian and notarised.

If you would like to know more about how to achieve Italian citizenship through this route our excellent immigration team will be able to assist you.

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