Giambrone Successfully Recovers Full Refund for Forex Investors

Giambrone is delighted to confirm that, Vito Anello, an associate in the financial services, forex & binary options litigation team has successfully obtained a full refund for two clients who had lost funds trading on the forex platform Touch Trades

Vito Anello said “our clients are naturally delighted to have received a full refund, and will practise caution when considering investments in the future”, Vito further commented “it is extremely common for investors to be faced with a raft of associated companies registered in various countries when they attempt to regain their lost money. Whilst this may be confusing for the novice investor, it is a strategy I am very familiar with when dealing with this type of issue and can easily navigate to the core of the matter”.

Giambrone advises all investors to execute thorough research before embarking on an investment and not to take information at face value.  Many investors are deterred from attempting to recover their lost investment funds by the perceived complexities that appear before them and the belief that they may be an isolated case, which is far from the truth. The outcome on this occasion was favourable and could be repeated by Giambrone in the future to recover funds for other investors.

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