Giorgio Bianco and Davide Lorrai support a worker who fell off scaffolding six metres high

Giorgio Bianco, a partner and Davide Lorrai, an associate in Giambrone & Partners Sassari office have been instructed in a case where a worker fell during renovation works at a sports club in Porto Cervo. The scaffolding was six metres high, and according to initial assessments in relation to prevention and safety at work policies, the structure was not up to current standards.

On 25 May 2022, a 38-year-old man fell from a scaffolding six metres high while working on the renovation of a sports club in Porto Cervo. According to an initial information, the man allegedly leaned out to pull up a cement mixer from the road surface, which he was lifting manually as there was no pulley system (as revealed by the investigation), thus losing his balance and falling to the ground.
The young man suffered a fractured pelvis, several other fractures and serious bruising. He was rushed by helicopter to the hospital in Sassari, where he was admitted to intensive care in a pharmacological coma which lasted for over a month, and remained bedridden for numerous months after waking due to the multiple surgeries he underwent.
The public prosecutor has ordered the legal representatives of the two companies involved in the work to be summoned to trial. They're accused of personal injury because they hadn't taken the necessary safety measures to avoid the accident from happening. Inspectors responsible for prevention and safety at work found the scaffolding was not up to standard. At the pre-trial hearing, the victim will launch a civil action in collaboration with Giorgio Bianco and Davide Lorrai of Giambrone & Partners in Sassari.