Joanna Bailey who heads Giambrone & Partners' Banking and Fraud Litigation team, appears on ITV News

Joanna Bailey, head of banking and financial fraud litigation department, will appear on ITV news following an interview by Tim Maynard, the award-winning documentary making producer for ITN on rapidly escalating financial fraud, romance fraud in particular.

Joanna explained that fraudsters are very agile and are constantly changing and adapting the financial frauds that they perpetrate to take advantage of new technology and the “opportunities” that arise.  For example, artificial intelligence (AI) will make it easier to dupe a victim in romance fraud, with deep-fake images and voice, together with the rapidly growing capacity for emotion AI which analyses nonverbal signs such as facial expressions, body language, gestures, and voice tones to assess emotional state.

Joanna commented “that frequently, wrongdoers in romance fraud pick their victim from a demographic group that is unlikely to be aware of how technology can be used in fraud, often older people.  Also, they take a long time to draw in their victim, building the fake relationship to a point where their target has complete trust in them”.  Joanna also pointed out “many victims take some time to recognise that they have actually been defrauded as they are completely taken in and absolutely believe the web of lies that they have been told.  Discovering that they have been defrauded is a painful shock.” 

Giambrone & Partners banking and financial fraud litigation team are equally agile in finding ways of using technology to defeat the fraudsters, such as in the firm’s ground-breaking case where for the first time in Europe court proceedings (a freezing order) was successfully served via the transfer of an NFT token on the blockchain in a case involving cryptocurrency fraud.

Joanna Bailey, head of the banking and fraud litigation department, frequently leads the litigation against financial institutions involved in cryptocurrency trading disputes, as well as Forex investment issues and regulatory investigations and has some considerable success in retrieving our clients' funds lost in financial fraud.

Joanna has developed a range of strategies both to find the assets of the individuals perpetrating the fraudulent schemes and restore the funds to our clients. As well as recognising culpability in the organisations facilitating (but not associated with the fraud), by failing to undertake adequate due diligence.

She is highly experienced in high-value out-of-court settlement negotiations and has in-depth knowledge of the Civil Procedure Rules as well as English common law.



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