Joanna Bailey interviewed by Sky News

Joanna Bailey, who heads the banking and financial fraud litigation department, was interviewed on the topic of romance fraud by Sky News see more here

In recognition of Joanna’s high level of expertise when dealing with financial fraud Sky News invited Joanna to be interviewed.  She outlined the methods that are employed in this distressing and insensitive fraud.  The wrongdoers prey on the lonely, often recently bereaved, victims and attempt to wring their entire savings from them.

Joanna commented that she is always shocked by the callous heartlessness of the fraud which has left some clients in a desperate situation.  She constantly and frequently successfully, seeks strategies and tactics to force the return of clients’ funds lost to romance fraud.

Joanna is dedicated to making every effort to identify and take to task the fraudsters and claw back our clients’ lost money. 

If you believe you have been targeted in a romance fraud  please contact Joanna's clerk Sam Groom on or please click here