Joanna Bailey, who heads the banking and financial fraud litigation department, has been published in Thoughtleadership4

Joanna Bailey has successfully led the banking and financial fraud litigation department for seven years and has successfully overseen a number of cases where our clients were defrauded in Forex and now crypto scams and the lost funds were returned. 

Joanna was also instrumental in combatting the new threat of cryptocurrency fraud in that she was at the forefront of the ground-breaking cases of D’Aloia v. (1) Persons Unknown (2) Binance Holdings Limited & Others where for the first time legal documents were served as a non-fungible token (“NFT”) through the blockchain, the first such service in Europe (second globally)This marks a significant advance by the courts of England & Wales in the use of cutting edge technology to advance the cause of justice.

Also, the equally cutting edge case FCA Automatic and Capital Usage and persons unknown involved with a crypto wallet at related to Huobi Global Ltd., Capital Usage Ltd., Wade Press UK Ltd. where default judgment was obtained where both the client and the wrongdoers were based abroad. It should be noted that this case demonstrates that the English courts will act to protect foreign victims of fraud where there is sufficient connection to England and Wales. This is a significant development and brings the possibility of the recovery of funds lost to fraudulent investment schemes perpetrated by fraudsters based abroad. 

Thoughtleadership4 has published Joanna’s latest article, to read Joanna’s article please click here.

Giambrone & Partners is a leading the way with regard to financial fraud litigation and very shortly expects to announce the conclusion of an another ground-breaking case which again establishes another precedent in the pursuit of wrongdoers and the recovery of significant amounts of money for our defrauded clients. 

Joanna Bailey commented “investment fraud that encourages individuals to invest in non-existent investment schemes not only deprives individuals of their money but also deprives people of their confidence as when they recognise that they have been scammed and they hard-earned savings have been lost, they are mortified that they have been so easily duped.” Joanna pointed out “the whole spectrum of society is in the fraudsters sights and individuals from all levels of society fall for the sophisticated scams”. 

Giambrone & Partners’ banking and financial investment litigation lawyers under Joanna’s guidance continue to research, monitor and develop strategies and approaches to counter the wrongdoers and attempt to reverse the pernicious damage they cause.

Joanna Bailey leads the litigation against financial institutions involved in cryptocurrency trading disputes, as well as Forex investment issues and regulatory investigations and has some considerable success in retrieving our clients' funds lost in fraud.

She has developed a range of strategies both to find the assets of the individuals perpetrating the fraudulent schemes and restore the funds to our clients. As well as recognising culpability in the organisations facilitating (but not associated with the fraud), by failing to undertake adequate due diligence.

Joanna led the first case in Europe where proceedings were served on Persons Unknown connected with two digital wallets over the blockchain by non-fungible token or ‘NFT’ in a cryptocurrency fraud. Following this ground-breaking case Joanna was named as Lawyer of the Week in the Financial Times.

Joanna is highly experienced in high-value out-of-court settlement negotiations and has in-depth knowledge of the Civil Procedure Rules as well as English common law.

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