Joanna Bailey was published in the Legal and Financial section of the Mail on Sunday

Joanna Bailey, head of the banking and financial fraud litigation department, was featured in the Mail on Sunday’s dedicated financial and legal page read here

Joanna keeps a firm grip on the investment market and continuously monitor’s the sector for the rise of new financial fraud scams in order to create strategies to counter the wrongdoers and recover money scammed in a fraud.A picture of Joanna Bailey

Joanna has extensive experience in assisting clients that have been targets of financial scammers and has developed a range of tactics both to find and recover the funds and assets of the individuals who have been drawn in perpetrating the fraudulent schemes.

Joanna also recognises the culpability of some of the organisations facilitating (but not associated with the fraud), that fail to undertake adequate due diligence.  She is highly experienced in high-value out-of-court settlement negotiations and has in-depth knowledge of the Civil Procedure Rules as well as English common law.

If you believe you have been targeted by financial fraud scammers please contact Joanna's clerk Sam Groom on or please click here