The Surprise Announcement that Britain is to hold Snap Election on 8 June

The announcement made this morning by Prime Minister Theresa May that a snap election will be held on 8 June, has resulted in a flurry of activity both in Westminster and in the City.

The Prime Minister believes the United Kingdom requires strong leadership, certainty and stability to pursue the Brexit project, Theresa May’s slim majority of 17 leaves her exposed to risk and with the likelihood of stormy Brexit waters ahead she is wise to try and strengthen her position. The negotiations with the EU over the next two years are almost certainly going to be tough and Mrs. May needs to be able to show that she has strong support behind her

A vote on the proposed election will be held on Wednesday, as the Prime Minster needs the government backing to hold a vote before 2020. There seems little doubt that she will receive the required permission to go ahead as both Labour and Liberal Democrat parties appear to be backing the Prime Minister’s decision and are expected to vote in favour of the snap election.

Theresa May maintains the current attitude of “game playing” of other political parties may indeed have repercussions for the stability of the country and also may impact on the success of the UK’s ability to build new relationships in the post-Brexit trade negotiations with the rest of the world. Whilst the decision clashes with her promise that there would be no election until 2020, in the face of the Labour party had threatening to vote against the Brexit resolution and the Liberal Democrats intention to grind the business of government to a standstill, Mrs May’s decision is made necessary by the need for stability and certainty of the country.