Andreu Marin


Education: Pompeu Fabra University and University of Barcelona

Year Joined: 2022

Languages: English, Catalan, Spanish

Andreu Marin

Senior Associate

Andreu Marin Muñoz is a senior associate in the Barcelona office.

He attended Pompeu Fabra University and graduated in law having completed the Legal Practice course at the University of Barcelona. He focused his career in the fields of immigration and criminal law.

Andreu has extensive experience in immigration matters, from obtaining visas (non-lucrative, Golden Visa, student or Schengen visas) to applications for EU family members, deportations and Spanish citizenship.

He has also successfully acted in a wide range of criminal proceedings, assisting foreign nationals with extraditions, EAW (European arrest warrant) and at hearings with defendants, amongst other matters.

Andreu is well-regarded by his clients for his comprehensive understanding of their needs and objectives which enables him to advise them and provide the best legal solution to their problems. He is able to create a strategy for his clients to achieve their objectives that can be adapted when necessary to meet other issues that may arise.

Andreu has successfully obtained non-lucrative visas for all the British clients he has assisted through the consulates in London, Manchester and Edinburgh since joining the firm in October 2022. 

Case Studies

  • Managed an investor visa (Golden Visa) at the London Consulate for a British client. Subsequently, applying for an investor's authorisation in Spain. In just four months, this client obtained his visa and the subsequent Golden Visa authorisation in Spain for a period of three years.
  • Successfully managed the Golden Visa authorisation for the main applicant and her partner. He assisted the couple in the complex procedure to prove that, despite not being married or officially registered as partnership, they could benefit from the denomination of "couple with analogous affective relationship" in order to apply for this legal permit jointly.
  • Assisted a British client who was one of the first applicants to obtain Spanish nationality under the new Democratic law at the Spanish Consulate in London
  • Received the decision to grant Spanish nationality to a minor born in Spain from Serbo-Croatian parents. He managed this procedure following the classic model of authorisation for minors issued by the Civil Registry Judge.
  • Successfully intervened in multiple procedures for obtaining European Union family cards for foreign nationals under European Law.
  • Obtained two acceptance letters in the province of Barcelona for two Senegalese clients who applied for residence permits for exceptional circumstances (social roots). In one of the cases, the submitted appeal was accepted after clarifying the seven points of refusal on which the first rejection letter of the Subdelegation of the Government in Barcelona was based.
  • Defended a health worker in a criminal proceeding accused of committing five thefts in an important hospital in Barcelona. Not only did he assert his client's presumption of innocence by dismantling all the accusations, but the Public Prosecutor's Office waived its right to appeal against the acquittal sentence. Furthermore, during the investigation phase, he filed two appeals which were upheld by the Provincial Court of Barcelona on the grounds that his client's rights had not been respected as essential proceedings had not been carried out to clarify the facts.
  • Succeeded in obtaining a court order for the immediate release of a client who was arrested whilst presumed to be involved the framework of a criminal investigation, and detained in the Centre for the Internment of Foreigners (CIE) in Valencia with the expectation of expulsion from Spain.
  • Defended the interests of a British client in deportation proceedings brought by the Subdelegation of the Government in Malaga. Andreu was able to demonstrate that the client was in a legal situation in Spain after proving his entry into the Schengen area and got the expulsion proceedings closed.
  • Assisted two clients in their arrest in the framework of a criminal investigation into drug trafficking and criminal organisation by the Customs Surveillance Unit in Girona, obtaining their release with precautionary measures.
  • Intervened as defence attorney in the hearing before the Provincial Court of Barcelona of a client who had been in pre-trial detention for more than a year on a murder charge. His intervention in the hearing was essential to obtain the release of the defendant.
  • Acted as defence lawyer for a client who was arrested at Barcelona Airport on the basis of a European arrest warrant (EAW). After being remanded in custody, the extradited person refused to take the COVID tests and could not be extradited to Germany, and was ordered to be released by the court
  • He undertook the defence of a Serbian citizen who was refused entry at Barcelona Airport. He was able to prove the special circumstances justifying the entry from Spain, achieving the revocation of the refusal order within 24 hours and the subsequent release of the client.