Carmine Foreste

Carmine Foreste

Resident Partner

Carmine Foreste is a Partner in our Naples office.

Carmine graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Naples Federico II.

He also analysed aspects of substantive law and economic policy. A member of the Naples Bar Association, Carmine is qualified to practice before the Supreme Court of Cassation and the Superior Jurisdictions. In the course of his professional career, Carmine acquired expertise mainly in criminal law, which he's practised since the beginning of his professional life at his own law firm in the North Naples area.

Carmine's work in the criminal sector has included cases of bankruptcy, computer fraud, stalking, personal injury, murder, criminal conspiracy, money laundering, fraud against the State, extortion, mistreatment, defamation, receiving stolen goods, offences under the Consolidated Law on Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances, usury, building abuse, ideological forgery, offences committed in the exercise of the health profession, slander, circumvention of an incapable person, with particular attention to computer crimes.

Carmine has engaged as a trainer, coordinator and speaker in numerous conferences on criminal law, such as: "The Suspension of Trial with Probation and against Untraceable Persons", "The Reform of Tax Crimes", "Violence in Stadiums: Regulatory Responses", "The Juvenile Victim of Crime", "The Crime of Road Homicide", "Criminal Trial and Media Trial", "Discrimination in Penitentiary Institutions", "The Professional Risk of the Doctor", "The Identity Murder", "Art. 110-416 bis: External Contribution in Mafia Association", "Judicial Prejudice and Errors", "Bank Mortgages and Usurious Rates", "The Gap in Protection in Computer Crimes".