Federica Brondoni

Education: Degree in Law in Milan

Admission:  Italy (Avvocato) 2001

Year Joined: 2019

Languages: Italian and English

Federica Brondoni

Senior Associate

Federica Brondoni is a Senior Associate at the Milan office.

Federica is director of the litigation department in Giambrone's Milan office. Her impressive 26-years expertise relates to private and corporate litigation, with a particular focus on contractual issues, international arbitrations, debt collection, and employment law. She also has long-standing experience in tort liability and in medical malpractice cases.

Following a classical school education (at reputed Liceo Classico G.Berchet, in Milan), Federica graduated in Law at Milan’s prestigious Università degli Studi in 1996. She did her training period at Studio Legale Blaga where she dealt with the most different cases of civil law issues, receiving a complete and in-depth training and learning to manage the cases independently.

She was admitted to the Italian Bar in 2001, passing the exam at Milan’s Corte d’Appello, known for its severe selection, with the highest marks and with the compliments of the judging panel, composed of prestigious academics, lawyers, and magistrates..

In 2008 Federica was asked to join BDDF Studio Legale Associato (now named Genesys), a well-known legal “boutique” based in Milan but operating also on international cases. In BDDF Federica was the manager of the litigation department. Only a year later, in 2009, she became Partner of the law firm.

In 2012, curious to test her skills in a completely different professional field, Federica established a company of her own, named LetsBio!, dealing with online trade and delivery of organic food (one of Federica’s many personal interests, such as nature and books). This startup company was very well welcomed by customers and represented one of the first high quality business entity in this specific commercial area. This peculiar experience allowed Federica to understand, also from a fruitful juridical point of view put to use in the following years, the specific issues lined in managing a company.

In 2015 Federica decided to go back to the original and deeply lobed lawyer professional dimension, starting a collaboration with Studio Legale Gigante, and then in 2016 being hired as Senior Associates in LTS Studio Legale, where she perfected her experience in civil liability, medical malpractice and compensation for damages resulting from very serious injuries.

Federica and her team manage a large number of contentious disputes, including international arbitrations and civil law cases. Her fluency in English facilitates the relationship with the many international clients.

In 2021 Giambrone appointed Federica to develop the Italian section of Gaylawyers, UK Giambrone & Partners LGBT division.

Recent cases

• assisting an US innovative company in an international arbitration about a complex join venture contract about the application of regenerative medicine procedures, the value of the arbitration is near to € 100milions

• promoted a lawsuit to allow an Italian transgender client to obtain the change of her registration status from M to F

• promoted several lawsuits against public administration entities with regard to workers’ demotion, mobbing issues and disciplinary actions • promoted a judicial action with reference to international contract issues on behalf of a prestigious international luxury shoes brand

• acted for several clients in disputes regarding international high level training schools

• acted in several complex lawsuits in order to allow Italian and foreigner clients to have their rights granted in terms of separation, divorce, alimony, children’s custody, and assets’ division


Federica’s expertise extends to both commercial and private clients. She specialises and advises on issues involving complex cross-border litigation and represents claimants and defendants in all jurisdictions on civil and commercial matters.

She regularly appears at mediation, judicial and arbitration hearings, both in Italy and overseas. Federica is a litigation expert about civil liability and contracts, some of the decisions she obtained by Italian Courts have and has been published in important Italian legal magazines. She also has specific knowledge of lgbtq+ rights and she is able to approach this kind of issues with the sensitiveness it requires.

She manages a team of professionals made by skilled and dedicated lawyers and trainees in order to provide to clients a very high standard assistance and ongoing support.

In the news

Federica is regularly invited to speak about lgbtq+ rights on medias as radio stations and social networks.

In association with the well-known Italian criminologist, journalist and writer Cristina Brondoni, she organized and taught some successful seminaries about violence against women and mobbing.

Federica is also offering to companies an appreciated seminary, created and developed by herself for Giambrone, about lgbtq+ inclusivity at work.

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