Francesca La Rosa

Francesca La Rosa


After completing the Liceo Classico "Gulli e Pennisi" of Acireale in 2004, Francesca La Rosa graduated in Law in 2010, with an experimental thesis discussing Tax Law entitled "The Statute of the Taxpayer's Rights: article 11 and the right of interpellation".

She then enrolled in the list of trainees at the Court of Catania and began her legal practice in the field of civil law, dealing in particular with contracts, contractual and non-contractual liability and enforcement proceedings.

At the same time, she entered the School of Specialisation for the Legal Professions, attending the first year at the "Antonino Galati" Institute in Catania and the second at the "Bruno Caccia e Fulvio Croce" Institute in Turin: she thus had the opportunity to deepen her knowledge of relevant legal topics and issues, and to examine the most current case law. At the end of the biennium, she obtained her diploma and completed a thesis in Civil Law entitled "Art. 2051 of the Italian Civil Code and the exercise of dangerous activities", supervised by Dr. Stefania Tassone, Judge of the 4th Civil Section of the Court of Turin.

In 2013 she collaborated with a company whose main activity is to support Local Public Bodies in the management of the service of collection and enforced collection of tax and extra-tax revenues, working with the legal department and dealing with the management of litigation, both judicial and extra-judicial, deriving from the company's activity. At the end of her two year internship she took, and passed the state examination before the Commission of the Court of Appeal of Catania in 2013, thus obtaining the qualification to practice law and registering with the Catania Bar Association in 2015.

Since 2014, she has been collaborating with the law firm "BSM" in Catania together with professionals of relevant prestige, working mainly in the field of civil and tax law, and dealing with all related matters.

Over the years, she has acquired considerable experience in civil law, medical liability, professional liability, family law, traffic accidents and automobile liability (simple and complex claims), debt collection and contracts.

She is a consultant and lawyer for public bodies (local authorities, with special reference to municipalities), to which she provides legal assistance and extrajudicial advice both in tax matters (in particular, representation and judicial and extrajudicial defense in tax litigation, as well as legal and strategic efficiency support to the Tax Offices of the same local authorities in the activity of enforced and/or extrajudicial collection) and in civil matters. The body in question collaborates with numerous law firms in Italy that need to be domiciled in Catania.