Giulia Salis

Giulia Salis

Trainee Lawyer

Giulia Salis graduated in Law from the University of Sassari in June 2021, where she defended her thesis in criminal law, entitled "The new art. 612-ter: the illicit dissemination of sexually explicit images and videos".

In her academic career she participated in the Erasmus programme, during which she attended the Faculté de Droit et Sciences Sociales de l'Université de Poitiers for five months, taking several law exams in French.

After obtaining her Master's degree, she began her judicial traineeship (adhering to art. 73 Legislative Decree 69/2013) at the Court of Appeal of Cagliari. This residency took place in the detached criminal section of Sassari. For 18 months she supported the custodial Magistrate by:

  • Participating in hearings
  • Reconstruction of procedural events
  • Study of all related files
  • Drafting of judicial measures.

 Giulia is a native Italian speaker, fluent in French and has a good knowledge of the English language.