The benefits of working with an international cross-border law firm

When dealing with a cross-border legal dispute, the best option may not be to use an English law firm that you instruct on a regular basis. It is understandable that you may wish to deal with lawyers that you are familiar with but this is almost certainly not the best option. A cross-border dispute will require you to instruct a law firm based in the overseas country where the other party’s dispute is based. You may be faced with language issues if the overseas law firm does not have multilingual lawyers. Also, there will be a time delay in the responses between the two law firms.

The law in England and Wales is based on a different principle from that of most European countries and very often the time scales for responses and limitations vary. Instructing a firm with cross-border capacity eliminates those issues and you will have access to equal legal capacity for both jurisdictions.

This guide will explore the benefits of working with international cross-border lawyers and how Giambrone and Partners’ multijurisdictional, multilingual lawyers can help you.

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What is a cross-border dispute? 

A cross-border dispute is any legal conflict that occurs between two or more parties each based in a different jurisdiction. Cross-border disputes often occur between businesses but can arise between individuals. The applicable law and processes between two countries can be very different which is why seeking legal advice from an international law firm is advised. 

Other examples of cross-border business and personal disputes include inheritance, personal injury and divorce in respect of individuals, and commercial disputes can involve breaches of contract, shareholder disputes, intellectual property disputes and cross-border trade.

You can find out more about cross-border disputes and recruiting an international lawyer in our advice centre here.

What are the benefits of using an international law firm for my cross-border dispute? 

Whilst working with an English law firm seems like a practical option, international lawyers have extensive capacity and knowledge of the law in different jurisdictions, as well as usually having the ability to speak other languages which removes the barriers of communication.

Instructing two separate law firms in two different countries will prolong the entire process as documents and all correspondence will have to be translated by specialist legal translators and add to the cost. Working with international lawyers with both legal and linguistic capacities will considerably speed up the resolution of the dispute.

International lawyers often have connections in a range of jurisdictions, and if your dispute expands to other countries, they will still be able to assist. Giambrone and Partners are proud to provide a range of services and lawyers from across the globe, including French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese lawyers. You can find out more about the different international lawyers we have that assist our clients here, or you can quickly get in touch via our website for a consultation.

Why is there a demand for international lawyers? 

The expansion of globalisation has meant that the demand for international lawyers has increased. Also, Brexit resulted in obstacles arising that prevented some companies to deliver goods or services between the United Kingdom and Europe in accordance with a contract signed prior to Brexit leading to cross-border disputes. Therefore, the services of international lawyers are in much more demand, especially for employment law cases.

More businesses are beginning to understand the benefits of international lawyers and the expertise that they can bring. By utilising the skills of an international lawyer, you can ensure that all dispute resolution is handled knowledgeably and professionally. 

How can an international law firm help me?

If you are facing cross-border litigation, an international cross-border law firm can help you understand the legal options and the requirements with regard to the evidence you will need to present in each jurisdiction. Your lawyer can also explain the various laws that apply to your case in the country where your cross border dispute has occurred. 

How Giambrone and Partners can assist 

Giambrone and Partners have knowledgeable multijurisdictional lawyers with vast experience in more than one jurisdiction who can act on your behalf. Our dedicated teams are on hand to build a creditable case and satisfactorily resolve your dispute. We have offices based in France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal and Tunisia to aid with international arbitration. 

To learn more about the services we can provide for our home and international clients, or to book a dispute resolution consultation with a member of our team, please get in touch with us here today.

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