Retiring in Italy What is a Golden Visa?

There are various ways in which an individual can retire to Italy and become an Italian citizen. UK nationals can either apply for an Elective Residence Visa or a Golden Visa (Investor Visa); the latter option is perfect for anyone wishing to make an investment in Italy as well as move and live there permanently. However, there are certain stipulations that retirees must meet, and it is advised that individuals seek legal advice from experienced Italian lawyers (Avocattos) before pursuing a move to Italy.

In this guide, we will explore the Italian Golden Visa, the type of investments you need to make to secure a Golden Visa, and the requirements for obtaining one. We will also discuss the application process, whether you need to seek legal advice, and how Giambrone and Partners can help.

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It is strongly advised that you seek advice from an experienced immigration Italian lawyer (Avocatto) when applying for an Italian Golden Visa

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What is the Italian Golden Visa?

The Italian Golden Visa, also known as the Investor Visa and similar to golden visa programmes in other European countries, is essentially a residence-by-investment programme. It allows non-European Union nationals to obtain a residence permit in Italy by making a qualifying investment in the country. This scheme is particularly appealing to retirees, entrepreneurs, and investors seeking to relocate and enjoy the benefits of Italian residency, which include access to the Schengen Area and is also a potential route to Italian citizenship.

The Golden Visa is designed to attract foreign capital and business people whose enterprise will contribute to Italy’s economy. You can find out more about retiring in Italy as a UK citizen in our previous guide.

What Types of Investments do I Need to Make to Obtain a Golden Visa in Italy?

For a foreign national to obtain the Italian Golden Visa, they must make one of the following qualifying investments:

  • Capital Investment into existing Italian Companies: Investing a substantial amount into an Italian limited company.

  • Investment in Bonds or Government Securities: Investing in Italian government bonds that are retained for a specific period.

  • Philanthropic Donations: Making significant donations to an Italian cultural or scientific research project.

  • Real Estate Investment: Acquiring real estate properties within Italy, with the minimum investment amount being determined by the government.

  • Startup Investments: Investing in an innovative startup based in Italy. It is essential to note that each investment category has a minimum investment threshold and other requirements. Always consult with Giambrone & Partners multijurisdictional and multilingual immigration experts to ascertain current figures.

What are the Requirements for Obtaining an Italian Golden Visa?

Beyond the investment, applicants must also fulfil other requirements, such as:

  • Proof of Investment: Clear evidence that the funds for the investment come from legal sources.

  • Health Insurance: Comprehensive health insurance coverage that is valid in Italy.

  • Clean Criminal Record: No criminal record in your home country and any other country you have lived in the past decade.

  • Stay Requirement: While the Italy Golden Visa grants residency, there might be a minimum stay requirement, which means that there will be an obligation to remain in Italy for a defined number of days each year to maintain the visa status.

How Do I Apply for a Golden Visa in Italy?

To apply for an Italian Golden Visa, please take the following steps:

Select Qualifying Investment: Before you can apply, you need to decide on the type of investment and make it.

Assemble the Required Documentation: This includes proof of investment, health insurance, a clear criminal record, and other required documents.

Submit Application: Applications can be made at the local Italian consulate or embassy in your home country. An international lawyer experienced in Italian law can help with this.

Attend Interview: You may be required to attend an interview either in your home country or in Italy.

Wait for Approval: Once all documents are submitted and verified, the decision will be made on your application.

Receive Residence Permit: On approval, you will receive a residence permit, allowing you to live in Italy based on the terms of the Golden Visa.

To find out more about retiring in Italy, you can visit our advice centre.

Do I Need Legal Advice When Obtaining an Italian Golden Visa?

It is highly recommended to seek legal advice. Our English speaking immigration lawyers or consultants familiar with the Italian system can guide you through choosing the best investment type based on your financial situation and goals, as well as navigating legal processes and ensuring all documents are correctly prepared and submitted.

Experienced Italian Avocattos can also help avoid common legal pitfalls; mistakes can lead to delays or denials of your application, but by instructing an experienced legal professional, you increase the chances of a smooth application process.

How Giambrone and Partners Can Help

The Italian Golden Visa is an excellent opportunity for those looking to retire, invest, or simply live in Italy. It provides a structured pathway to residency and potentially citizenship. However, as with all legal processes, especially those in another country it is crucial to understand all the requirements and ensure you meet them to make your Italian dream a reality.

Our Avocattos at Giambrone and Partners have considerable experience and knowledge that spans a range of jurisdictions, with multilingual abilities to help communicate with you and provide a clear better understanding of the process. To find out more and retiring in Italy, or to book a consultation, get in touch with our team today.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does the Italian golden visa last?

The Italian Golden Visa typically lasts for two years and can be renewed for three further years. After this period, you may be eligible for long-term residency or citizenship, depending on your individual circumstances and requirements met.

How much money do I need to invest in Italy to get a golden visa?

The exact amount varies based on the type of investment. Each category (e.g., real estate, government bonds, company investments) has its specific minimum. It is crucial to consult with legal experts for current figures.

Can an Italian Golden Visa grant me permanent residency in Italy?

Yes, after living in Italy for a specific period of time under the Golden Visa program, and if you fulfil the other requirements, you may be eligible to apply for permanent residency. Eventually, after meeting residency requirements, and eventually may even qualify for Italian citizenship.

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