Giambrone advised in an extremely complex Discrimination in the Workplace Matter

Giambrone assisted a client in an extremely complex employment matter against a major international organisation involving disability and sexual orientation discrimination which contravened the Equality Act 2010, together with an attempt to suppress whistleblowing, a spurious performance improvement plan (PIP), as well as seriously breaching our client’s privacy. Giambrone’s lawyers successfully achieved a six-figure settlement for our client.

Daniel Theron, a partner, commented, “The heavy-handed approach of the corporation’s Daniel Theron  PartnerHR department suggested that either the HR department was very poorly trained and woefully unaware of the current employment law or that the corporation believed that no individual would dare take them on”. He further commented, “the bully-boy tactic of violating our client’s privacy in the hope of drumming up some evidence to support their spurious contentions back-fired dramatically”.

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