2022 - New Start, New House in Italy

Italy has always been an extremely popular destination for both for summer holidays and as a retirement relocation.  The relaxed way of life, the heritage, the cuisine and the climate are all appealing. 

It is not only people coming to the end of their working life in a stressful City environment who have decided that they do not want to wait for peace and quiet, but young couples who want their children to be brought up without the stresses and strains that harass us in big city life. Those people with family connections to Italy who are familiar with the slower pace of life often see the many advantages to making a move to a calmer environment. 

There are a number of areas in Italy that suffer from dwindling populations as young Italians choose to further their prospects in other countries.  However, the changing face of global technology, coupled with the discovery that many organisations are happy to allow working from home from anywhere in the world, makes the decision even easier. 

Alternatively, a property purchase in Italy as a holiday home to be let out throughout the summer to tourists, now that the world is beginning to normalise again, could be an extremely lucrative investment.

There are a multitude of innovative real estate schemes offering favourable terms to incoming purchasers. The lawyers in Giambrone’s real estate team have extensive knowledge of the Italian property market and point out that there are many extremely attractive opportunities in rural Italy that simply need to be searched for.  Our lawyers can guide and advise you, steering you away from the less attractive prospects and exposing the better opportunities and schemes.  There is a wide range of types of property to buy in Italy; from small houses in remote villages, apartments in heritage buildings, villas, farmhouses, small castles with a wide range of architectural styles which often reflect Italy’s varied history.

If you decide to take advantage of the investment opportunities available in Italy and make the decision to relocate to Italy as it is the right thing for you.  Giambrone & Partners’ experienced real estate lawyers can advise and assist you.   Your purchase can be arranged from the UK through our offices in London, Glasgow and the Midlands liaising with Italy through our offices in Rome, Milan, Naples, Palermo in Sicily and Sassari in Sardinia.  Our lawyers are multi-lingual lawyers and will be able to explain the entire process in your own language. 

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