Giambrone & Partners focuses on Russia: New Russian Desk

Giambrone & Partners, in line with its international vision continues its business development plan and invests in Russia as one of the nevralgic centre of a large and innovative development project, thanks also to the new entry of the Russian-Spanish lawyer Anastassiya Solomko as head of Russian Desk.

Giambrone has recently finalised a strategic partnership with “BBNP Law Firm”: one of the largest Russian law firms specialising in international, real estate and commercial law in every Russian region and in the  Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries.

In order to celebrate this entry into the Russian market, Giambrone and BBNP have organised a conference about "Doing Business in Italy" in collaboration with Delovaya Rossiya, the largest Russian B2B association which has 85 offices in all regions of Russia and which involves about 7000 leadership entrepreneurs as partners. The aim of this association is to develop regional and international relations as well as the achievement of high standards of services to the entrepreneur.

The webinar was attended by over 60 entrepreneurs and leading Italian-Russian institutional figures, focused on investment opportunities in strategic sectors of the Italian economy by Russian businessmen and investors.GIAMBRONE RUSSIAN DESK

The Russian desk employs a team of lawyers that assists European clients with the initial phase of their business in
Russia as well as satisfying the demand of Russian clients
who want to invest in Italy. Giambrone & Partners, works in
close collaboration with BBNP’s offices, offers consultancy mainly in areas that encompass corporate and commercial law, public and private procurement, real estate law, immigration, employment and tax law, as well as in litigation disputes.

Today Giambrone is on the verge of expanding, at least in part, the aforementioned practice areas also through the central Asian region in countries belonging to the Commonwealth of Independent States.


Svetlana Minayeva, manager for Italy, said: "We have no intention of limiting ourselves at this, as, in our vision, we have planned further investments and international partnerships. As a Russian, I am very keen on the consolidation of our expansion path and territorial presence that our firm has been pursuing for some time. Due to our team’s innovative ideas and our Russian partners who support us in the realisation of our projects we can truly create a unique collaboration that has never been achieved between the two countries so far."

"The expansion of last months through the Russian market has been very important and is part of our development strategy finalised in 2020/2021" explains Anastassiya Solomko, head of the Russian Desk at Giambrone. Russia, for its importance, size and quality of the companies and entrepreneurs that characterise it, represents a centre of great interest for Giambrone, and the choice to open a new Russian desk dedicated to Russian entrepreneurs with interests in Europe and to investors Europeans with commercial interests in Russia is proof of our serious professional commitment ”.

Giambrone now has more than 130 lawyers, operating in five offices in Italy, and is the leading Italian firm by a number of foreign offices, with offices in Portugal, Spain, France, England, Scotland, Germany and Tunisia.