Giambrone & Partners is exhibiting at the overseas real estate exhibition A Place in the Sun, Manchester

Giambrone & Partners real estate department is exhibiting at the highly regarded overseas property exhibition A Place in the Sun.  The exhibition takes place at Manchester Central from Friday 3 March to Sunday 5 March.

Vincenzo Senatore, senior partner, and Gabriela Falaschi, an associate, are scheduled to speak and answer questions about property purchase in Italy, in the seminar theatre on all three days of the exhibition.

The seminars will be chaired by Liz Rowlinson, the editor of Place in the Sun, with Vincenzo Senatore taking the platform from 2.30-3.00 p.m on Friday and again from 1.45-2.15 p.m. on Saturday.  Gabriela Falaschi will speak from 2.30-3.00 p.m. on Sunday.

Both Vincenzo and Gabriela are well-respected experts and will explain the procedures involved when buying a property in Italy and can address any concerns a prospective purchaser may have, giving comprehensive answers to all their questions.




Giambrone & Partners is an international law firm providing our clients with skilled legal support and guidance. Giambrone & Partners’ highly knowledgeable lawyers are experts in the field of property purchase across Europe with 15 years of experience in helping British nationals through the buying process. 

Our expert English speaking lawyers in our offices throughout Europe are recognised for their expertise and outstanding legal advice.  Our team of dedicated professionals will help you avoid the common pitfalls when buying property abroad.

Our lawyers will keep you fully informed throughout the entire procedure.  We are committed to protecting our clients best interests at all times.